Dusty Roads make travel dangerous. Dust slows down production an​d trip counts due to constant stopping and slowing down from  lack of visibility  from the airborne dust.  

RoadDoctor™       U.S. Military Specification Dust Control 



 Fugitive migrating dust from unpaved roads cover plants thereby reducing the plant's  ability to absorb CO2 . Dust   increases water usage  due to over heating of the plant and reducing growth. 

Dust  is a danger to human health and to the environment   Click on the blue bar to view a short slide show on the problem and the solution. 

 Silica Dust PM10 and PM 2.5 desrcibe dust particles sizes that are a Health Hazard  to workers, pedestrians and the environment.

Dust also increases equipment maintenance and fuel costs.   

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Dusty roads mean high road maintenance  costs .  By using RoadDoctor ™ dust control  a savings of up to 90% in road maintenance  cost can be seen. Eliminates the use of water and dangerous chlorides.